[Lumiera] merging (some proc work) to master

Christian Thaeter ct at pipapo.org
Fri Jul 16 21:55:27 CEST 2010

Ichthyostega wrote:
> Hi Lumi hackers,
> Just merged together some of my recent Proc-Layer work and landed it on Lumiera
> master. Not much finished and not much obvious changes, but this merger contains
> cleanup of placeholder code and reworking of the Session API.
> The merged version builds (using scons) and passes tests for me, but yet there
> might be breakages -- so if you're actively working on another branch, maybe you
> should be careful with merging and watch the builddrone, until things are
> completely settled again.

I've updated the autotools build now, here all tests are passing,
looking forward for builddrone agree with me.

I've also added 2 tools I had in the queue here to ./admin, that is
'testfilter.sh', a small script which processes tests output generating
something suitable for a test suite description. Cavat, this is
incomplete and needs manual review, just help one to get some 'skeleton'
as start, not to type everything by hand.

'testrunner' only works when using autotools. It can be used to build
and run a single test.


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