[Lumiera] some thoughts on clips/bin and metadata

startx startx at plentyfact.org
Fri Jul 16 10:38:35 CEST 2010


havent written to this list for ages, but i am still following
what going on. however, as most current development tasks
are behind my skills, i still wait for a moment i could raise my hand
and help.

anyway, i helped working on a web video project last year and one
issue which came up was always that most NLE so not integrate much
in the way you can organise clips or access clip metadata. most NLE just
list the clips (+ some info about size and title). on the other hand
containers like matroska allow extensive tagging and comments via xml
embedded in the container.

my vision is that you could actually read metadata like matroska xml
and CMML wile going through the clips in your project bin, and (maybe
im too ambitious here) edit them.

one reason why i say that is because i discussed the possibility of
setting up some server based system where people could draw clips from,
edit the xml metadata (matroska is the reference point here) and 
then push the info back to the server which would merge it with other
pushed metadata.

i know some people will no shout that "that an NLE is not made for
that", but from my experience the NLE is exaclty the place where people
actually watch the clips and use them, so it seems a natural place for
colloboration for me.

would it be possible to introduce a plugin based system to work on
something like this? ( i guess that could be a chance where lua comes
back into play)

just some thoughts,


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