[Lumiera] BJMR's GUI mockup/brainstorm

Andreas Hermann Braml andreas at braml.org
Fri Jul 16 02:21:07 CEST 2010


> Another possibility which fits in with having modular handling of the
> clip's presentation is not to have a video *thumbnails strip*, but just to
> show one distinctive *pivot frame* of a clip. It would be the editor's job
> to /select/ that pivot frame, probably already while pre-selecting the
> material, thereby creating kind of a "mental abbreviation" of a
> whole scene.

I'm not a professional editor - heck, I'm not even a non-professional editor 
;) - but I remember that Walter Murch described this (select a pivotal frame 
of a clip that best represents the message/emotion of the clip) as part of his 
workflow in his book "In The Blink of an Eye". To have this built-in as a 
feature won't hurt and would be great for marketing: Lumiera - the incredible 
professional NLE with built-in Oscar-winning capabilities! ;)

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