[Lumiera] BJMR's GUI mockup/brainstorm

Christian Thaeter ct at pipapo.org
Thu Jul 15 07:21:09 CEST 2010

Brian Rytel wrote:
> I had yet to follow-up this mock-up with any explanation, as I sent it
> during the dev meeting today.
> Regarding the audio meters, 1 I chose the gradient as something to do
> quickly, we all know what VU meters are. 2 the hash marks are quite
> wrong, I am aware of that. 3 It would need to expand to add more meters,
> and likely become a separate GUI element.
> The VU meter was one the components I gave the least attention, as I
> knew it would be redesigned later for many reasons.

just one audio meter showing the maximum of all channels, then you see
that you have clipping somewhere, if you need more fine control then you
have to open a audio-meter-per-channel-gui.

showing only one or two pixel wide bars, then quite some channels can be
cramped into this audio meter.

I agree with bjmr, skinning/theming is currently our least concern. In
the meeting we discussed about this, first and foremost we (our gui and
workflow designers) have to learn what lumiera can do and what needs to
be represented in the gui. This is not as trivial as it looks since we
will provide some unique features and they should still be presented in
a familar discoverable way. For example: like we may have an arbitary
number of transport controls and viewer windows and these can be
attached in arbitary ways. But most commonly a user expects one
transport controler in/per viewer. Such considerations then slowly
influence layout/egonomics/usability of widgets on the screen and only
after all that is settled we may think about theming/style .. which
surprisingly feeds back to the layout, for example brians mockup of
nested tracks is quite nice because its so space conserving, this is
only reached in concert with the rounded-corners style together with the
way the tracks are layed out.

So lesson 1 is that we first have to look at the features we can offer
and lesson 2 is that everything influcences something else more or less.
I think its really some tough work to get this sorted out.


> Note that this mock-up is just an illustration, not a screenshot. Also,
> it is for ideas and discussion, to visualize a more a complete GUI than
> we really had looked at before.
> The several things to note are the design of the track nests/groups, the
> cursors and very space-efficient Time Rulers, and the 'summary' tracks
> (better term pending) when a track is minimized. I wanted to show a
> couple different presentation methods for the asset bin, one of which
> doesn't exist in any other NLE I'm aware of.
> While I wanted to contribute the styling of the GUI, the visual elements
> aren't particularly important, eg color, rounded corners, the flat look,
> etc. These will surely evolve or outright change. I purposefully
> designed it in grayscale so that color would not be an issue, and that
> it would be easy to skin over.
> B.J.M.R.
> On Wed, Jul 14, 2010 at 9:09 PM, <yanikn at sas.upenn.edu
> <mailto:yanikn at sas.upenn.edu>> wrote:
>     It looks great to me. The only comment I have is it might be wise to
>     add a default color coding schema in order to identify the different
>     groups, audio, tracks, etc. This default setting could be customized
>     or even affected by a widget/addon such as some of those available
>     for Firefox's tabs.
>     Great work.
>     --Yanik
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>     > > Just a little mock-up/brainstorm. I tried to incorporate the
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>     > ideas already floating around.B.J.M.R.
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