[Lumiera] Developer meeting roundup

Christian Thaeter ct at pipapo.org
Thu Jul 15 04:44:15 CEST 2010

Hi Lumieres,

on our today developer meeting we did some further planning for our
appearance on the FrOSCon http://froscon.org/ this year. The Lumiera
team will have a booth at the conference and Hermann will hold a talk
about the Lumiera Project and its goals on Sunday. We have also a
developer room in the back where we can do some coding, planning and
micro workshops (if anyone is interested in git, the Lumiera
architecture in detail and so on) this room can also be used to camp on
the venue from Saturday to Sunday for registered team members. If anyone
of you want to volunteer at our booth please contact me for becoming
registered for the Lumiera team, seeing you as visitor would be nice too.

So far here is a preliminary list who is coming:
 Hermann Vosseler
 Christian (me)
 Herman Robak

Not sure yet:
 Wouter (looks he is busy past time)
 Odin &
 Helene (promised)
 Frederico (hey would be nice to meet you there)
 You! (come on)

Well our planning today worked well, there are no major hurdles but
still there is some work and preparation to do. Some of this things
could be done by others, this would be a great help since we are
currently rather busy with programming. Unfortunately the time for this
jobs will run out rather soon, we have to settle on some deadline, if
anyone wants to help us on this jobs, please notify us ASAP because
everything not done by some other volunteer has to be done by us and we
need time for that too.

Here is a list of the things to do:
 OpenVideo flyer update:
	We have this flyer about Open Video as community movement,
	introducing some projects. The text there could need some
	overhaul, bring it up to date and so on. We are mostly pleased
	with the current flyer so this is not a big job. If you know
	about some cool project (Independent Movie, Conference, Meeting)
	related to OpenVideo in the past year (or upcoming this year)
	you may add a short article about it, replacing one of the
	older ones. The flyer is in English language, the source is
	LaTeX, you can focus on the text/content only, layout,
	typesetting, printing is my job.

 LumieraDevel flyer update:
	This is prolly my job, since this flyer is written in German.
	Some suggestions and proof-reading are welcome still.

	Both flyers are available in the 'lumiera-propaganda' git

 Translate flyers de<->en:
	It would be nice when we manage to translate the flyers this
	year, last year RiscTaker already started a translation of the
	Lumiera Devel flyer to english, iirc this is still incomplete.
	More important is that the Open Video flyer gets translated to
	german since the FrOSCon audience is mostly german.

 Printing flyers:
	My job (I hope our printer wont be defect this year :P)

	can someone bring a nice looking studio lamp? (must look
	awesome, not a rock'n'roll can, can be a old theatrical lens
	lamp too) or just some other Film accesoires? Film reels, cans,
	a 16mm camera? Anything which just looks nice and
	flimish to decorate our booth.

 Self-running presentation:
	We have some self-running presentations made by Brian and Tom
	from last year. These should be merged and brought up to date.
	We let them play in idle laptops, people which too shy to ask
	questions are easily attracted by them :) .. hey one idea was to
	transfer such a presentation to 16mm, setup a 16mm projector for
	showing that.. anyone can do that? :)

 Assist ichthyo with artwork for his talk:
	Hermann has to send in some slides for the talk until 1.Aug. if
	someone of you has some artsy hands he may help him with
	illustrations and artwork.

 Someone helps with the streaming team?
	We did a nice job helping streaming the Linux Audio Conference
	this year, operating the mixer and cameras. FrOSCon is way
	bigger (more tracks) and could need some help, either with
	equipment (cameras, tripods) and with manpower (camera
	operators). Herman Robak did the organizing for LAC kudos to
	him, this worked really well. This time he has no time for that,
	if we want to help streaming at the FrOSCon then someone of us
	has to take job as contact person and manage the communication
	with the FrOSCon people. I don't want this job, ichthyo is busy
	with preparing his speech, raffa makes the kids workshop. We
	certainly have some hands for operators, this job is only about
	a little planning beforehand (The FrOSCon people have their own
	underpowered streaming team which will do all the hard work and
	management). IMO this is a *great* opportunity to get some
	publicity for our project, every camera operator on the
	Conference with a Lumiera T-shirt!

When you think one of this jobs suits you an you have some time to help
the Lumiera project, please help us.

Apropos T-Shirts, anyone wants one? raffa can you order some more? ..


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