[Lumiera] Which timecode formats do we want?

Burkhard Plaum plaum at ipf.uni-stuttgart.de
Thu Jul 8 19:05:49 CEST 2010


Christian Thaeter schrieb:
> yes indeed ... this was talking about (almost) constant framerates.
> Having a timestamp on each single frame is something different and might
> be supported in some different way (we where thinking about this
> before). 

Why not support them in the same way? All you need are functions for
converting framecounts to timestamps and back.

I basically have this in gavl like explained here:


It's generic code which works for arbitrarily variable framerates
and automatically reduces to trivial multiplications for constant

> I actually leave this out from this discussion.

> But more important here is, how would you represent this weird
> non-constant framerate things in the timeline widget? shall that only
> present frame number or absolute time and invalidate any representation
> which depends on a well defined framerate. Or try to map that back to
> some target framerate?

Timeline in the GUI should of course be linear and if you zoom deep enough to
see the thumbnails for single frames, they will be non-equidistant.


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