[Lumiera] Which timecode formats do we want?

Stefan Kangas skangas at skangas.se
Thu Jul 8 15:10:30 CEST 2010

Brian Rytel <tesla.pictures at gmail.com> writes:

> On the ticket:
>> During in-place editing, the separators (colons etc.) should be enforced,
>> so that the user only edits the HH:MM:SS:FF values.
> 1) Colons, semi-colons (and for music decimals) can't be static as they need
> to reflect the timecode structure they use.

In the Ardour widget I have copied, they are static insofar that they
are only changed when the user changes the timecode format.  The
timecode format is changed by right clicking the widget and selecting a
new one.

Actually, ichthyo described the behavior of the widget very well in his

| You enter the edit mode by clicking on any of the components of the
| TC. This component then gets the focus, which is shown by changing the
| colour to red; after entering the new value (or hitting ENTER), the
| focus changes to the next-lesser component, and after leaving the last
| component, the new value is set. On right-click, you get an popup menu
| to choose the TC format (SMPTE, h:m:s.s, bars:beats, sample frames..);
| this choice is remembered in the session, at least for the major clocks.
`----  http://issues.lumiera.org/ticket/71

> 2) Most NLE's enter from the last frame holder (ie the right-most #)
> So if I type 5 it fills in the lowest hour set by the user ##:00:00:05, if I
> type 4005 then you get ##:00:40:05
> With the exception of frames, the numbers are fixed base, mins & secs are
> 60, hours 24.
> Most critically manual TC entry should start with on the right and 'bump'
> the values to the left as new ones are entered.

Ok, so this is another way to do it.  I will try to finish what I
currently have though, because your suggestion would mean essentially
writing another widget.

When it comes to deciding between the two described behaviors, I have no
strong opinion one way or another, except the bias that comes from
having put in some work to get one widget working.  But hey, I am all
about killing my darlings.

      Stefan Kangas

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