[Lumiera] Launchpad

Christian Thaeter ct at pipapo.org
Tue Jul 6 15:54:53 CEST 2010

Brian Rytel wrote:
> I think this is turning into a T.B.S.C. (Time Better Spent Coding).
> @Coders/Projectdevelopers. We should bounce around the idea of having a
> couple dedicated question answer-ers for lightweight questions (feature
> requests, general project inquiries, etc) to take some burden of of the
> coders.
> To be clear, this thread was a project structure/design/implementation
> discussion, and thus a worthwhile discussion to help the project, and
> clarify everyone's view.

just do, depending on my mood I answer mails quickly or wait some time
for someone else jumping in. When I see that others give feedback in a
timely manner then I will hold back more. For myself I know how
unsatisfactionary it is when one asks on a project mailinglist and an
answer takes more than lets say a day. Getting fast answers is imo a
good (but not only or direct) indicator for the health of a project. I
think we should try to be responsible. Of course if others here do that
this would be a help for the developers. While I don't think we need to
dedicate some people for this job, anyone who thinks he knows a answer
can send it. We need to be a bit careful that such answers reflect the
real situation as discussed before and not just the posters opinion but
to a small extent even that is ok I think. When something controversial
gets answered we will correct it and  possibly even discuss things more
in detail, working the thing more and more out. Actually thats the way
to go and I want to see some more opinions about features and design.

Of course there are always recurring questions, maybe we should
reconsider a FAQ. I opposed FAQ's often because for most times they turn
 out to become "Questions we like to be asked" and bloat (our 200+ most
frequent asked questions). By now I think we could compile some FAQ on
real evidence by checking the ML and we should restrict it to a low
number (10 most frequently asked questions). Every question there must
stand the test if it was really often asked, for example I like to
answer "How can I contribute to the project?", but unfortunally I think
such a question wont make it into the top ten ...

Anyone wants to take care of this?


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