[Lumiera] Usable state of Lumiera

Christian Thaeter ct at pipapo.org
Fri Jul 2 13:49:39 CEST 2010

Raffaella Traniello wrote:
>> The first stable release for Lumiera is foreseen for May 1st 2025.
> Not satisfied? Money back guarantee! ;-)
>     Joking aside:
> The goal of Lumiera is not a quick development but a unique NLE. Even if
> this make the pro-users waiting longer.
> The development is very active (check the project heartbeat and pulse at
> http://lumiera.org/) but the final goal is high and ambitious.
> There is no need of a good and working NLE for Linux: we already have
> Cinelerra, Kdenlive, Openshot and the others.
> Lumiera aims at being a *new* NLE.
> Today Lumiera is a project, not a program.
> I hope you can share our vision.

I can't say that better than raffa did. We need more people sharing our
vision and contribute to the project. Lumiera progresses as fast as
people working on it, if everyone just waits then it will take a
infinite time to become useable, luckily about 2 1/2 people constantly
working on it so it makes slow progress. Lumiera is a big project with
our current pace it will indeed take way to long to complete it. But we
working towards sommeting new and innovative and expect that it will get
some critical mass and momentum as soon some very basic things work and
it will become much more attractive to new developers then. Of course it
would be aweseome when people already *now* start to help in some ways
to make faster progress (I can't stress enough that there are things to
do for non-programmers or really basic programming, shell scripting as
well) We have a lot work to do for anyone who is willing to help,
waiting brings us nowhere.

Finally if you can't do anything you may donate some money to the
project. We are associated with the FFIS (a german based association
focusing on development and support for free software). Donations will
be used for the Project directly, we had/have some expenses for
advertisement Materials, the server and domain bills (currently payed
privately by us), any travel and accomodation costs to meetings and

By the way: We will meet again at FrOSCon (http://froscon.org) in august
this year. Lumiera will have a booth and a development room and we
submitted a paper which got accepted where we will explain the
motivation behind Lumiera and its design. Raffaella wil hold a
stop-motion video editing workshop for kids and maybe the rest of the
Lumiera Team will help streaming the conference over the web (as we did
for the Linux Audio Conference). As you see, Lumiera is really a
Vision/Project with an active community which do things in different
ways, anyone just what he can do.


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