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Fri Jul 17 07:51:48 CEST 2009

The project is very open. You can just start working on it.
Please, communicate what you want to do beforehand, to coordinate efforts."

Yesterday night I finished my task on the presentation. It is finished.

Your work came as a surprise to me.
But what surprised me most is the difference of style.
Like if we were addressing two different targets.
That made me think.

Maybe we could double the self-running presentation.
First run cheerful and childish, second run serious and geeky.
That would likely widen our target.

To do that we would need your .vcodp presentation having exactly the same
text of the already finished one.
You can find the SelfRunningLumieraPresentation.vcodp at:;a=tree;h=d9db80118deb7a4a37a083b08be072be8494eea6;hb=d9db80118deb7a4a37a083b08be072be8494eea6


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