[Lumiera] lua scripting and lumiera

Christian Thaeter ct at pipapo.org
Thu Jul 16 20:07:40 CEST 2009

farid abdelnour wrote:
>     Did you consider using Ruby at some point?
> or python?

Both can be made as plugins later, if someone cares. Lua just has some
advantages to make it the default scripting langauge which will always
be there:

 * It is small and made for embedding
 * No extra libs required to make do something useful
 * very fast and consistent performance
 * the only scripting language with an incrementat GC (that i know)


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> startx schrieb:
>> ive also done a lot of work in lua recently, too, and i am
> curious to find
>> out for what you plan to use lua in lumiera to see if i might
> be able to help
>> at some point.
>> i skimmed the email list and website but could not find any
> information about
>> lumiera and lua.
> Hello startx,
> you are welcome! You couldn't find much definitive information about
> Lua use within Lumiera, because we didn't yet reach the point where
> it would make sense to plan much details about this topic.
> Right from start, we set the fundamental goal for Lumiera to to be
> modular and extensible in a way that on the large, it should become
> a scriptable application. Especially, we don't want to sit down
> at some point in the future and start designing a "scripting API".
> Rahter, the goal was and is to build things such as to be inherently
> scriptable. Essentially, this means to compose the application from
> services and building blocks, which interact on clear defined APIs
> and protocols, without making far reaching assumptions about their
> respective clients. As a binding, we use an plain C based interface
> system (invented by Cehteh).
> While, on the whole we can expect extensions and plugins to be
> written
> in various languages, we thought it might be a good idea to
> define an
> "official" glue language, meaning that the interpreter and bindings
> for this language are guaranteed to be always available. After
> considering the options and our personal preferences, we
> settled down for LUA to play this role.
> Now, while the foundations (interface system) are there and in use,
> pretty much any of the interfaces of relevance for scripting still
> have to be shaped. Especially, we know there will be multiple kinds
> of "native" lumiera plug-in extension points, which then will be
> augmented by adapters to use external plugin systems which are
> in more wide spread use (LADSPA, gstreamer,...).
> In conjunction with this, there is the idea of an plugin/extension
> descriptor, which also would include running Lua glue code as one
> of the possible options. This way, it would be possible to do some
> of the packaging and configuration work necessary to create usable
> extension plugins in Lua
> Hermann Vosseler
> (aka "ichthyo")
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