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Ichthyostega prg at ichthyostega.de
Thu Jul 16 18:30:48 CEST 2009

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startx schrieb:
> ive also done a lot of work in lua recently, too, and i am curious to find
> out for what you plan to use lua in lumiera to see if i might be able to help
> at some point.
> i skimmed the email list and website but could not find any information about
> lumiera and lua.

Hello startx,

you are welcome! You couldn't find much definitive information about
Lua use within Lumiera, because we didn't yet reach the point where
it would make sense to plan much details about this topic.

Right from start, we set the fundamental goal for Lumiera to to be
modular and extensible in a way that on the large, it should become
a scriptable application. Especially, we don't want to sit down
at some point in the future and start designing a "scripting API".
Rahter, the goal was and is to build things such as to be inherently
scriptable. Essentially, this means to compose the application from
services and building blocks, which interact on clear defined APIs
and protocols, without making far reaching assumptions about their
respective clients. As a binding, we use an plain C based interface
system (invented by Cehteh).

While, on the whole we can expect extensions and plugins to be written
in various languages, we thought it might be a good idea to define an
"official" glue language, meaning that the interpreter and bindings
for this language are guaranteed to be always available. After
considering the options and our personal preferences, we
settled down for LUA to play this role.

Now, while the foundations (interface system) are there and in use,
pretty much any of the interfaces of relevance for scripting still
have to be shaped. Especially, we know there will be multiple kinds
of "native" lumiera plug-in extension points, which then will be
augmented by adapters to use external plugin systems which are
in more wide spread use (LADSPA, gstreamer,...).

In conjunction with this, there is the idea of an plugin/extension
descriptor, which also would include running Lua glue code as one
of the possible options. This way, it would be possible to do some
of the packaging and configuration work necessary to create usable
extension plugins in Lua

Hermann Vosseler
(aka "ichthyo")

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