[Lumiera] uwiki: initial ulua available

Christian Thaeter ct at pipapo.org
Thu Jul 16 03:34:31 CEST 2009

mridkash, please pull from my repo/master.

This brings 'ulua' in which is a lua interpreter doing chroot and

It must be installed suid-root on the server.

Usage is quite simple, programs (cgi scripts) which want to use it give
the target user and chroot directory as arguments on the shebang line
for example:

 #!/usr/local/bin/ulua uwiki:/var/local/uwiki/

ulua can only be used to execute scripts, there are no options from the
normal 'lua' commandline interpreter, neither does it execute any lua
code before the user-switch and chrooting is done. Environment variables
are preserved, but some, like 'LUA_INIT' loose their meaning.

I put a lot efforts (checks) into making this secure, nevertheless if
anyone of the readers here is interested, it would be nice if someone
reviews it.

Someone may help writing some small documentation about it too.


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