[Lumiera] Propaganda volunteer needed

Christian Thaeter ct at pipapo.org
Mon Jul 13 19:11:40 CEST 2009

I made a very prelimary flyer for 'openvideo' propaganda, just by
putting raffas interview there yet:


So far its really only a 1:1 text cut'n'paste and very light TeXing. I
plan to do any more layout and logo stuff later, but it would be nice if
someone goes over it and shrinks the text considerably while retaining
the broad voice about the different topics (kids, fun, free video,
lumiera, ...). The rather specific things can be removed (cinelerra for
grandma for example). My plan is as following:

The flyer has 6 mini-pages, the title will become the b/w lumiera logo,
then we should write some general benefits of Free Video / Software /
Lumiera. And last this interview, spaning about 3 mini pages. Maybe some
other quotes and interviews can be added too, but space on such a flayer
is a precious and no one wants to read lenghty texts unless they are
very appealing.

The source is available in the lumiera-propaganda repo as

My intention is to have some different flyers we can lay out at FrOSCon:
 1. Openvideo in General (this one)
 2. A flyer for developers, giving the build instructions
    (NewbiesTutorials), Explaining our development process and vision,
    Tell about the tools we use.
 3. A flyer for prospective Lumiera users/community, telling features
    and benefits, this one is rather optional. Maybe we leave it out
    until Lumiera is beta.


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