[Lumiera] What's up?

Herman Robak herman at skolelinux.no
Thu Jul 9 20:23:33 CEST 2009

> cehteh wrote:
> Ichthyostega wrote:
>> Hi!
>> how to proceed with the meeting?
>> @Anton & Joel: could you attend tomorrow at 16:00 UTC. Please be
>> so kind to make alternative proposals if not..
>> what is the state of the plannings/considerations for FrOScon?
>> Any new ideas?

> 1) Accommodation
> I need definitive acknowledgements for booking more appartments,
> so far I have the 4 people appartment fixed, thats for me, you, raffa,
> hermanr likely (we may be flexible, we can also sleep at the venue)

Not just likely, but for certain.  I'm coming, and I'm in for the 
appartment.  I hereby acknowledge definitively that I'm in.

> How about Anton and Velmont, alone or with Helene? Anyone who can't
> acknowledge definitive soon has to care for his accommodation by
> himself! (or sleep in our dev room, needs a sleeping mat & sleeping bag)

Did I say that I'm in?  I'm in.

Herman Robak

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