[Lumiera] What's up?

Christian Thaeter ct at pipapo.org
Thu Jul 9 17:59:34 CEST 2009

Ichthyostega wrote:
> Hi!
> how to proceed with the meeting?
> @Anton & Joel: could you attend tomorrow at 16:00 UTC. Please be
> so kind to make alternative proposals if not..
> what is the state of the plannings/considerations for FrOScon?
> Any new ideas?

1) Accommodation
I need definitive acknowledgements for booking more appartments,
so far I have the 4 people appartment fixed, thats for me, you, raffa,
hermanr likely (we may be flexible, we can also sleep at the venue)

How about Anton and Velmont, alone or with Helene? Anyone who can't
acknowledge definitive soon has to care for his accommodation by
himself! (or sleep in our dev room, needs a sleeping mat & sleeping bag)

2) Plans, Propaganda
We talked last meeting about what to show and preparing posters/flyers.
I started making the 'big' Lumiera poster and commited it to the
propaganda repo, raffa worked on it too, I think that one should be
finished soon. I also asked other projects about collaboration
(burkhard, ffmpeg, skolelinux (they are present with their own booth))
lets see if they show up and provide some material.

We need to do 1 or 2 flyers/handouts still. 2, because one for
prospective users (raffas interview, our visions etc) and another one
for developers (NewbiesTutorial, etc). If we agree on making this flyers
in LaTeX I'll help there.

We need few A3 posters for our subprojects, Graphics and some buzzwords.

When no one can print in big format for free I can print them here in a
print shop next street, that will cost some $$$ of course. Printing the
flyers in B/W duplex on our office printer is no problem.

I'll also prepare some Lumiera stickers then. (Deskjet, self-adhesive

Someone[tm] may refactor tom's presentation in a way that it can be
played in a endless loop on a laptop without anyone commenting the slides.

Any more Ideas?


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