[Lumiera] Audio editing

Juan Pablo Bouza jpbouza at hotmail.com
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Mmm I don´t know IL´dar, from the NLE programs you mentioned, the only one 
that can be compared to Ardour regarding audio editing capabilities is Sony 

I think that specially for such a new program as Lumiera, having the ability 
to connect to jack would be invaluable, as the programmers could focus first 
full capabilities on video editing, and leave audio to Ardour.
Then, with time, audio editing capabilities could also be improved, of 

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>> NIce!
>> Well, in my case, I´m editing video and audio at the same time. I
>> made a window configuration with blender at the top and Ardour at the
>> bottom, and I use both programs as single application. The only
>> drawback that this method has is that the strips or clips inside both
>> programs have to be moved separately, you can´t link a piece of audio
>> with another piece of video and move them at the same time. You just
>> have to move them both separately and sync them by using the cursor
>> snap. But that is really a small issue compared to the possibilities
>> that the connection with jack can deliver.
> actiualy this is just a workaround. If you will got any _real_ NLE such
> as Sony Vegas, AVID, FC or Lumiera 8) yow will forget about jack and
> ardour.
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