[Lumiera] Audio editing

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Tue Jul 7 14:46:06 CEST 2009

Lorenzo schrieb:
> My 2 pennies as I consider myself more of an 'audio guy'
:) you are not alone

>> - but a Jack pass through would be wonderful if you are dumping to 
>> tape using other/multiple hardware outs. If you have created a
>> movie or short film and are going to lay lavish effects, orchestral
>> audio via live recording or midi VSTs and such then yes synching
>> audio with an editor like Ardour, Muse, Rosegarden would prove
>> indispencible.

> Agree, Also in (maybe more rare, yet creatively interesting) cases in
>  which the video creation is somewhat a parallel process to the audio
>  creation (vcideo art, installations etc.) I'm also thinking of the
> 'virtual cabling' jack provides, so I'm fantasising about plugging Pd
> into Lumiera audio input while experiment with some footage and
> record (the audio) directly when you get something 'cool'. Does it
> sound a little too crazy :-)?

absolutely not. If Lumiera eventually grows into what we have in mind,
the (internal) wiring technically will have quite some similarities with
PD. Just with the difference that the Lumiera session will not so much
be a programming language, rather more like a set of rules gathered from
the objects in the timeline.
Conventional editing workflow is often limited in this respect, because
the elaborate sound (and esp. sound design) work tends to be quite
separate from the "image editing". My goal for us is to be able to do
fine grained audio work at places while still experimenting with the
rough edit structure of the whole work. (Through virtual clips, nested
sequences and object placements)

Thus, bidirectional Jack capability is a must for Lumiera. (We just
aren't at the point of worrying for the technical details yet).
- Just like Ardour, we'll get not only the master outs, but also
  configurable connection points from within the interconnected
  MObejcts (talking here from a users point of view)
- and our player needs to be able to run as transport master and slave


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