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Lorenzo lsutton at libero.it
Tue Jul 7 12:38:40 CEST 2009

My 2 pennies as I consider myself more of an 'audio guy'
> You bring up a good point. It really comes to how you would use it. If 
> you are just editing a piece and all you want to do is add a voice 
> over, music and some effects, then, personally, I don't think you 
> would need to sync Lumiera with the likes of Ardour 
If I recall correctly I read somewhere that jack connectivity was a 
longed, yet not easy to achieve, functionality for Cinelerra, so I guess 
it should be somewhere in the TODO list at some point.
At the moment I'm stuck to Open Movie Editor for working with 
sound(track) (ardour + Pd + audacity + some rosegarden here and 
there...) on already-edited video (no chance to get xjadeo to work...)
> - but a Jack pass through would be wonderful if you are dumping to 
> tape using other/multiple hardware outs. If you have created a movie 
> or short film and are going to lay lavish effects, orchestral audio 
> via live recording or midi VSTs and such then yes synching audio with 
> an editor like Ardour, Muse, Rosegarden would prove indispencible. 
> again .. comes down to what you need.
Agree, Also in (maybe more rare, yet creatively interesting) cases in 
which the video creation is somewhat a parallel process to the audio 
creation (vcideo art, installations etc.)
I'm also thinking of the 'virtual cabling' jack provides, so I'm 
fantasising about plugging Pd into Lumiera audio input while experiment 
with some footage and record (the audio) directly when you get something 
'cool'. Does it sound a little too crazy :-)?

Kind regards,
> On Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 7:25 PM, IL'dar AKHmetgaleev 
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>     C Wilson <have.footage.will.edit at gmail.com
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>     > No worries.. I think its a great Idea to have synchronization with
>     > Jack - and interface it with any program of your choosing if you are
>     > doing audio for video .. since audio can be edited in blender - but
>     > not as intuitive as it would be in Ardour or an editor that is
>     > designed with rudimentary audio editing. Granted Blender is a 3D app
>     > first, Video and audio second. It just works... I did however run
>     > into a plugin for Ardour that does have a video monitor to edit
>     audio
>     > while watching video. Pending on the direction of making Lumiera
>     as a
>     > standalone/plugin capable application would make it the best of both
>     > worlds ...
>     >
>     > Thanks and
>     > muchPEACE to you all
>     > CJ
>     One problem of separation audio and video editors is the synchrony
>     video
>     such as interview. One way to solve this problem is audio tracks in
>     video editor which will be sent to audio editor via jack. In this case
>     sound from NLE will bee seen just as any other track in audio editor.
>     With this approach you can edit timing of interview's audio with video
>     and then use audio editor to tweak audio balance and add external
>     sound
>     effects.
>     -----------
>     http://sourceforge.net/projects/xjadeo/ - video player which plays
>     video in sync with jack's transport.
>     And one thing. I can force bpyjack to use integers instead of floats
>     but is it really a problem?
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